ARS VIA Auction Regulations

  1. Dailės Galerija Klasika, UAB is organising ARS VIA auctions (“Auction”) of artworks, antiques and collectables (“Works”). Works to be auctioned are accepted from private individuals and legal entities on a commission basis. All rights to the ARS VIA Auction are reserved by Dailės Galerija Klasika, UAB.
  2. The Auction is organised and conducted on the basis of Article 6.419 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Law No I-1179 on Protection of Movable Cultural Property of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The Auction Regulations have been approved by Dailės Galerija Klasika, UAB and are binding to all participants in the Auction. By signing the Registration Form, the bidder irrevocably acknowledges that he has read and understands the auctioning rules, and has no comments or claims in relation to the vagueness or lack of clarity of the rules.
  4. The place and time of the Auction are specified in the catalogue and on the website. The Auction organiser has the right to cancel an auction event or change its time.
  5. The Auction has the right to withdraw any Work from the list of lots offered for sale in the auction catalogue without giving reasons.
  6. The Auction is not responsible for latent/hidden physical defects, unknown defects and/or legal aspects of title to the Works. The buyer has the right to inspect the Works in person and/or together with experts invited by him and fully evaluate the Works during the pre-auction exhibition. No claims or return of Works are accepted after a purchase of the Work has been made at the Auction.
  7. The starting bids for the Works are displayed in the Auction catalogue. The final price for the auctioned Work payable by the winning bidder consists of the hammer price and auctioneer’s margin which is 18 % on the hammer price.
  8. National repositories (museums and libraries) have priority to purchase the Works at the Auction. Once the final price of the Work has been announced, the representative of a national repository has the right to purchase the Work by saying the decision aloud before starting auctioning the next Work. Representatives of national repositories must be registered for the Auction, participate in person and present a power-of-attorney issued by the head of the institution (unless the institution is represented by the head at the Auction).
  9. Bidders at the Auction can be private individuals and legal entities. Bids can be placed at the Auction in person, by telephone, through an agent or representative or by absentee bidding (submitting advance bids in writing). All bidders must register, i.e. fill out the registration form, regardless to the method of bidding. Bidding by telephone is only allowed in respect of lots which starting price is EUR 500 and more. If two written bids are received for identical amounts, the successful bid is the one which was received first.
  10. Price increments for Works applied in the Auction are as follow:
    • Up to EUR 50: price increment is EUR 5;
    • EUR 50 – EUR 200: price increment is EUR 10;
    • EUR 200 – EUR 500: price increment is EUR 20;
    • EUR 500 – EUR 1,000: price increment is EUR 50;
    • EUR 1,000 – EUR 2,000: price increment is EUR 100;
    • EUR 2,000 – EUR 5,000: price increment is EUR 200;
    • EUR 5,000 – EUR 10,000: price increment is EUR 500;
    • EUR 10,000 – EUR 20,000: price increment is EUR 1,000;
    • EUR 20,000 – EUR 50,000: price increment is EUR 2,000;
    • EUR 50,000 and more: price increment is EUR 5,000.
  11. Any disputes that may arise in the course of the Auction are settled by the auctioneer whose decision is final.
  12. The bidders must pay for the purchased Works within seven working days. The payment can be made in cash right after the Auction or by a credit card or a bank transfer.
  13. The buyer must collect the Work(s) he had purchased and paid for it(them) within seven working days after the payment was made. Otherwise, the buyer will be charged for storage of the Work(s) (0.2 % on the Work price per each day of delay). The purchased and paid for Works may be sent by post or courier delivery to the address indicated by the buyer if this has been separately agreed for an additional fee.
  14. The interests of the Auction in case of failure to pay for the Works or perform other obligations of the buyers, as well as the interests of the buyers in case of any infringement of their rights are protected in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Auction Organiser: Dailės Galerija Klasika, UAB
Company number: 304072085
Address: Ligoninės str. 2, Vilnius
Tel. +37064378688